Half Day Tour in Khaolak Elephant Sanctuary


Unleash your inner herbalist and embark on a unique journey with our Herbal Vitamin Workshop. Experience the joy of crafting traditional herbal vitamin balls and learn about their therapeutic benefits.
Discover the local village life as we visit a nearby garden to handpick fresh grass for the elephants and select the finest fruits for their delight. With convenient hotel transfers and a delicious lunch included,
this tour offers an immersive and unforgettable experience that connects you with nature and supports the well-being of these majestic creatures. Book now and be a part of our sustainable mission to protect and care for elephants.

About this activity

          • Tour duration is 4 hours
          • Cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund
          • Live tour guide in English,Thai
          • Pickup include hotel in Khaolak

Check availability by select the date and pacitipants

          • Feed and interact with the elephants
          • Enjoy a guided bathing session with the elephants
          • Capture unlimited photos with the elephants
          • Learn about elephant conservation and sustainable practices

Full description

Experience the extraordinary bond between mahouts and elephants, built on trust, respect, and understanding. Witness the fascinating communication and gentle interactions that take place between them. Our Khaolak Elephant Sanctuary is privileged to have dedicated mahouts who deeply care for our elephants and share their world with our guests.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure:

Immerse yourself in the role of a mahout, learning the art of elephant care.
Don a traditional mahout outfit and walk alongside an experienced mahout to meet the elephants.
Under their guidance, learn how to approach the elephants, gauge their temperament, and earn their trust.
Participate in preparing food for the elephants, sourced from local markets, and be amazed as you witness their skilled trunks delicately picking up the offered treats.
Having established a special bond with your elephant and gained their trust, observe or even assist the mahouts as they bathe and play with these magnificent creatures, providing them relief from the heat and cleansing their thick skins.


8am or 11.30am: Hotel pickup in Khao Lak (Exact time to be confirmed via email from the local operator).
9am or 1pm: Meet your guide for a briefing on becoming a Mahout and safety precautions.
9.30am or 1.30pm: Visit the Mahout’s hut and change into traditional mahout clothing. Learn about the Rubber Plantation.
10.30am or 2.30pm: Purchase elephant food from local farmers near the sanctuary and witness the preparation of elephant meals by local gardeners. Return to the camp.
11.30am or 3.30pm: Assist in preparing food for the elephants and create herbal vitamin snack balls. Enjoy watching elephants engage in playtime in the river adjacent to the camp.

Throughout the experience, capture incredible up-close photos with these gentle giants.

12.00 pm: Delight in a delectable buffet lunch at the elephant sanctuary.
After lunch: Depart from the sanctuary and return to your hotel.

Immerse yourself in the magic of elephant-human connection and create lasting memories during your visit.


          • Hotel pickup and drop-off in Khaolak
          • Guide
          • Entrance to Khao Lak Elephant Sanctuary
          • Unlimited water and coffee
          • Insurance
          • Unlimited photo with elephants
          • Feed and interact with the elephants


          • Personal Expense
          • Gratuities

Important information

                                                 What to bring
          • Sun Glasses
          • Hat
          • Sunscreen
          • Insect Repellant
          • Towel
        •     Know before you go
        • We do not force them to engage in any activities. If an activity cannot be conducted as planned due to the elephants’ choice, no refunds can be provided. We respect the elephants’ natural behavior and provide opportunities for observation and interaction based on their comfort and willingness.
Based on 9 reviews
Ali Collier
Ali Collier
We had a great visit. Two adults and two children. Our guide Khun Spy was great and we really enjoyed our ATV ride and then making food for and feeding the elephants. Highlight was then giving them a mud bath and a wash off in the river. A really great place with people who seem to care a lot about the elephants.
Tamm Mather
Tamm Mather
We had an amazing morning with the elephants. We loved feeding and bathing them. Thank you so much
Diogo Carlos
Diogo Carlos
God bless all the people who work @ this sanctuary The animals deserved it to be protected
5284 จิตวัฒน์ พรหมขุนทอง
5284 จิตวัฒน์ พรหมขุนทอง
I really like this trip. I like elephants. They are very cute
Lisa St
Lisa St
Den Elefanten geht es gut, man lernt viel und drumherum gibt es feste Sanitäranlagen und ein Restaurant. Die Menschen dort sind total lieb! Man sollte sich vorher allerdings gut mit Moskito-Spray einsprühen 😀
Kina Roth
Kina Roth
Wir hatten einen tollen Nachmittag in der Sanctury. Unser Guide war super und wir haben tolle Einblicke bekommen. Erst waren wir Essen für die Elefanten holen und haben einen Bananenbaum gefällt, anschliessend haben wir die Elefanten dann gefüttert und zum Schluss konnten wir nach einem Schlammbad noch mit ihnen in einem Fluss spielen. Wichtig ist zu erwähnen dass nur die Elefanten baden gegangen sind die auch wirklich Lust dazu hatten, hier werden die Elefanten zu nichts gezwungen.

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